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Welcome to The Family Prayer Wall. Here you can commit to pray for others and ask for others to pray for you. So far, 70 requests have been presented and 1896 people have committed to pray for those requests!

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Prayers for my daughterAnonymous107-12-2018
I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter and her anxiety problems. She is a very smart and beautiful woman, but she struggles with horrible anxiety. She is in school and she puts so much pressure on herself to not fail that she stresses out and her health is effected by it, too. She has been through a lot starting at age 11 being diagnosed with the worst scoliosis curve you can have. She was braced for 4 years and had to have major surgery from the top of her neck to the bottom of her back, because it was pressing on her organs. She is very athletic and that was devastating to her, but she has worked hard with God's help every step of the way. He is with her know and anxiety is a difficult think to overcome or work with and I ask for prayers for her to help her through this next stage of her life. She is needing prayers to get through medical school where stress is very high, but she wants to help God's people. God has been a blessing to us and always by our side. I give him all the glory for my family. God bless.
Resolution to conflictAnonymous207-11-2018
We have a conflict in our church that is driven by one person. People are leaving the parish and our 125 year old church is dying.
Son overseasAnonymous407-09-2018
For son stationed overseas in the military through November.
stop porn AddictionAnonymous407-04-2018
stop porn Addiction
Healing for my sisterLaura Cage206-29-2018
I am writing to request prayer for my sister, Tarah. She and her family are on vacation, and she used a certain type of sunscreen and now has 2nd degree chemical burns on her legs and well as terrible pain and swelling. The doctors have had to drain the huge blisters, clean the wounds, and treat the burned areas. It is likely she will need to have the burned areas debrided/dead skin removed, once she is back home next week. This has been physically draining on her and her family as they also have a 6 year old son with type-1 diabetes, and he needs constant attention, so when my sister isn't well, its even harder on them. Please pray for reduction of swelling and healing of her burns. Thank-you in advance SO much for lifting her and her family up in prayer. We appreciate your radio station, the encouragement in brings, and that everyone is willing to pray for our requests. Many blessings, Laura.

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Prayer RequestPraise Report
Pray for UsSubmitted By: Test User
This is a sample prayer.My prayer was answered. Thank you all.
Health, Healing & Peace of MIndSubmitted By: Anonymous
I recently found two enlarged, painless lymph nodes: one at base of the front of my neck and the other under my arm. I am terrified that they are cancerous, possibly breast cancer or lymphoma. Ultrasounds are scheduled for tomorrow, Oct. 9. Please pray that I quickly find accurate diagnosis and treatment/healing. I am overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, stressed, and am having a severe crisis of faith. In desperate need of prayers. Thank you.Thank you all for your prayers. The lumps turned out to be benign, and though I am still anxious about other health matters, I know the Lord will continue to grant me strength and healing each new day.
Grandmother is Undergoing SurgerySubmitted By: Anonymous
Our grandmother is having surgery today, the doctors say it is simple, routine even... It should only last about 3 hours and she will get to come home. But this is our grandmother and she is irreplaceable to us. I know God will take care of her, I know God will guide the doctor's hands and keep her safe.. But please, PLEASE pray that all is safe and well and she recovers quickly with no complications. Thank you and God Bless <3Grandmother's surgery did not take place, when they attempted to put her under her heart reacted badly and the surgery was put on hold. She will now be seeing a pulmonologist and cardiologist in order to determine what needs to happen before the surgery can be re-scheduled. Praise be to God for guiding the anesthesiologist and for him knowing when to halt the staff and operation in time to saver her life. It was a long weekend in ICU but she is home now.
FamilySubmitted By: Anonymous
In the past month, our son was taken away because of living conditions. Now we are forced to move by the end month so we get our son back. Need prayers that we can find a new place and get our son back.Like to thank you all for your prayers. I'm happy to say that we found a place. We will signing a lease today and hopefully be moved in the new place by February 6. Please continue to pray as God guide us on our new adventure in life.
NEED buyer for our houseSubmitted By: Mary J
We need to sell our house. Please pray that the Lord send a qualified buyer who LOVES the house and wants to buy it for a fair price.Thank you for praying. The house was sold. God is good.
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