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Love one anotherAnonymous001-18-2019
Our son who is 14 has fallen away from God, he is struggling at school even though he is so smart, he does not see it or acts as if he does not. I see him struggling with anger/frustration which I myself have since my hormones 2 years ago have gone haywire, I do believe and sincerely try to live God's way, I would rather live like Jesus with a gently spirit, quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry but I have not been doing well with role modeling this, so I guess this a multiple request, for our son, my husband-who is not a believer, our daughter and myself to live more like Jesus, for our son to come back to Jesus, for us all to love Jesus and each other as Jesus tells us. Thank you 🙂
Prayers for Elaine and familyAnonymous001-18-2019
A prayer request came through the text line; My friend family needs prayer. Tom's ex-wife whom he has a strong friendship with text on Weds. that she was back in the hospital. Yesterday at lunch she text to say the cancer metastasized. She then called him to tell him the esophageal cancer came back and she is in stage 4. She says she feels great and she is a believer. Please pray for Tom, Elaine, their young men, Ben and Micah and that their wayward Joshua would return home. Thank you and blessings.
The Devil is a LIAR! Rebekah Metivier201-18-2019
My friends family needs prayer. Tom's ex-wife whom he has a strong friendship with text on Weds. that she was back in the hospital. Yesterday at lunch she text to say the cancer metastasized. She then called him to tell him the esophageal cancer came back and she is in Stage 4. She says she feels great and she is a believer. Please pray for Tom. Elaine, their young sons Ben, Micah and that their wayward Joshua would return home. Thank you and blessings.
Raising SupportBrieanne Kluck301-16-2019
I have felt the call from the Lord to go on the World Race, it is an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries around the world. After many interviews I have been accepted to go on this journey and I leave in August 2019. I am required to fundraise all my funds for this trip which is around $20,000 and I have had trouble gathering support this far. Please pray that I will recieve more donors and that I will accomplish my fundraising goal!
Pray for my two GrandsonsAnonymous801-09-2019
I am asking for a host of prayer warriors for my two grandsons. I have not seen them for over 2.5 years due to an accident I had back then & because my daughter, their mother does not allow them to be in contact with ANY family members. The oldest grandson, 15 years old, reached out to me this Christmas in a private message via FB (without his mother’s knowledge). This last weekend, his mother found out, left another threatening message for me, and shut down his FB account. I am asking for help in praying for someone to step in and be a voice for these two boys and to be in these boys’ lives to help them in this situation. I am asking for help in praying that the truth will be known to the proper authorities, someone who will listen and take these signs seriously. .
PRAISE REPORT for CO-Workers Father , Jim Rebekah Metivier601-07-2019
My co-worker just came in and told me that the Doctors informed her and her sisters that Jim (their father) is showing great improvement. They will be doing the skin grafts tomorrow and if the adhere then, he will not need 24 hour care when he gets discharged. All praise and glory to OUR LORD! Keep the prayers coming! Thank you and God Bless You!
Tragic deathAnonymous901-04-2019
A young girl in our school died in school today. Please pray for her family as well as her friends and the young people that witnessed her death. Our high school students are struggling to accept this unexplained tragedy and need your prayers. None of us will understand Gods plan for this young girl today but our faith will bring us through it. Lord please strengthen the faith in these young people and help them to lean on You for healing.
Prayer for a Co-Worker's Father, Jim Rebekah Metivier901-04-2019
She got a call at work 01/03/19 from one of her sisters that her dad (84 years young) caught on fire from a wood-burning stove. The worst of it he had poly/cotton pants/overalls on and tried to get it out with his hands. He is really active and was told he would have to stay in the hospital at least a month. He is such an amazing father to his daughters and they love him dearly. Thank you.
Prayer for a Co-Worker who is battling 2 types of Cancer Rebekah Metivier1101-04-2019
My co-workers name is Mark and all I can keep playing over and over in my head is: Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” -Matthew 11:28-30 (NLT)
Safe Travels Rebekah Metivier1101-04-2019
I travel a lot for work and I had a bad experience my last flight. I ask that God sends His angels to surround me in my upcoming travel next week. I will be gone all week and it will be just me. I have faith and believe in the Lord and I know He will protect me. Thank you and blessings for praying for me. God BLESS you!

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Prayer RequestPraise Report
Pray for UsSubmitted By: Test User
This is a sample prayer.My prayer was answered. Thank you all.
Health, Healing & Peace of MIndSubmitted By: Anonymous
I recently found two enlarged, painless lymph nodes: one at base of the front of my neck and the other under my arm. I am terrified that they are cancerous, possibly breast cancer or lymphoma. Ultrasounds are scheduled for tomorrow, Oct. 9. Please pray that I quickly find accurate diagnosis and treatment/healing. I am overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, stressed, and am having a severe crisis of faith. In desperate need of prayers. Thank you.Thank you all for your prayers. The lumps turned out to be benign, and though I am still anxious about other health matters, I know the Lord will continue to grant me strength and healing each new day.
Grandmother is Undergoing SurgerySubmitted By: Anonymous
Our grandmother is having surgery today, the doctors say it is simple, routine even... It should only last about 3 hours and she will get to come home. But this is our grandmother and she is irreplaceable to us. I know God will take care of her, I know God will guide the doctor's hands and keep her safe.. But please, PLEASE pray that all is safe and well and she recovers quickly with no complications. Thank you and God Bless <3Grandmother's surgery did not take place, when they attempted to put her under her heart reacted badly and the surgery was put on hold. She will now be seeing a pulmonologist and cardiologist in order to determine what needs to happen before the surgery can be re-scheduled. Praise be to God for guiding the anesthesiologist and for him knowing when to halt the staff and operation in time to saver her life. It was a long weekend in ICU but she is home now.
FamilySubmitted By: Anonymous
In the past month, our son was taken away because of living conditions. Now we are forced to move by the end month so we get our son back. Need prayers that we can find a new place and get our son back.Like to thank you all for your prayers. I'm happy to say that we found a place. We will signing a lease today and hopefully be moved in the new place by February 6. Please continue to pray as God guide us on our new adventure in life.
NEED buyer for our houseSubmitted By: Mary J
We need to sell our house. Please pray that the Lord send a qualified buyer who LOVES the house and wants to buy it for a fair price.Thank you for praying. The house was sold. God is good.