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About The Family

THE FAMILY is owned and operated by Evangel Ministries Inc. a 501C3 non-profit organization, founded in 1969.

Vision:  The Family serves to educate, encourage and preserve the family through a Christ centered contemporary and versatile communications platform.


  • The Family will help families build healthy relationships with God and one another.

Our Foundational Principles:

  • We will advocate and protect the ideals of the traditional family as it is defined and established in the Holy Bible.
  • We believe that truly healthy relationships can only be attained through a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We will feed the souls of individual family members by offering a daily diet of the Holy Bible in a variety of compelling ways.
  • The context and content of all our offerings will intentionally and unapologetically be presented from a traditional Biblical world view.

Revised October 25, 2012


Statement of Faith

The Scriptures: We believe the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God. We believe it is the infallible authority in all matters of faith and conduct for Christians.

God: We believe in one, true, living, eternal God, who has manifested Himself to man as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present. He is the creator and sustainer of all things. He is loving, just, righteous, perfect and without change.

Jesus: We believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the Savior of the world. He is the Son of God; God manifested in the flesh. Truly God and truly man. We believe He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin named Mary. He was born without sin and lived His life without sin. We believe He was crucified and died for the sins of all mankind. We believe He resurrected from the grave and is alive. We believe He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father. We believe He will soon return to earth as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to establish forever the kingdom of God among men.

The Holy Spirit: We believe in the Holy Spirit, God present in our world today. We believe He convicts the world of sin, judgment and righteousness. He regenerates and indwells Christians, plus gives them power to live a godly life. He serves as a comforter, revelator, leader, teacher, and counselor to the Christian. He is the bearer of God’s grace and manifests God in the believer’s life.

Mankind: We believe man was created in the image of God, that he sinned in Adam, and that all men by nature and by choice are sinners, having incurred not only physical death, but also spiritual death, which is separation from God.

Salvation: We believe God so loved the world, in spite of its sinfulness, that He sent His only begotten Son, and whoever believes in Him will not experience spiritual death, but will have eternal life. Therefore, those who, by faith, apart from human merit, works or ceremonies, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are forgiven and given a new, eternal life.

Christian: We believe a Christian is a disciple of Christ. A person born from above. We believe a Christian places faith in Jesus of Nazareth for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We believe the Christian obeys the commandments of Jesus, thus making Jesus both Savior and Lord. We believe a Christian relies totally on the grace of God for salvation, holy living, resurrection from the dead and eternal life. We believe a Christian is commanded to confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord publicly. We believe Christians are to love people in the same manner that they have been loved by God, and are to practice the role of a servant in all relationships with God and man. We believe a Christian is committed to evangelism, edification and good works based on the grace and faith extended to him by God. We believe a Christian is a child of God and a co-heir with Christ in Gods eternal kingdom.

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