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Welcome to The Family Prayer Wall. Here you can commit to pray for others and ask for others to pray for you. So far, 37 requests have been presented and 1344 people have committed to pray for those requests!

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
For faith struggleAnonymous006-23-2017
For a woman who is really struggling with her faith and contemplating just giving up on belief. She has also been hurt by fellow Christians. She also has been looking for a good job for quite a while and feels like God just isn't listening.
Prayer needed for elderly dogAnonymous206-20-2017
Hi I am asking for prayer for my dog, he was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago and I have been blessed to have him longer than they expected. He is becoming tired and is no longer comfortable, he is on medication and I am asking for prayer that he will be comfortable and I will be able to be with him at home when he passes. He means the world to me and I know having prayer will help so much. God bless you for your station I would not be able to get through my days without you.
Family needing houseAnonymous906-02-2017
We need a new home. Ours is making us Ill due to mold. We are hoping God will grace us with this new place.
Little LaurenJacob Pazurek1605-30-2017
My 4 year old niece is currently in surgery to remove a brain tumor discovered yesterday. The tumor is in a difficult spot and,according to doctors, should take away her ability to hear, talk, and eat. Praying for God to work a miracle and fully restore her health!
Mom Cancer DiagnosisAnonymous905-30-2017
Back in March my mom became very ill and ended up in ICU for 2 weeks. They originally diagnosed her with pneumonia in both lungs as well as a baseball size abscess in the right lung. A couple weeks ago it was confirmed that she has lung cancer in the right lung and last week it was confirmed in the other lung. She's young (59) and fighting hard, but has hit road block after road block. She is back in the hospital with pneumonia, therefore they can't start chemo like planned. Please pray that this can be contained and not spread further.
Woman's jobAnonymous705-30-2017
For God to provide (physically and financially) for a woman who recently lost her job.

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This is a sample prayer.My prayer was answered. Thank you all.
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