Team 360 members are a very important group of listeners who invest $30 a month on a continued ongoing basis ($30x12months=$360) via cash, check or electronic giving.
  • Once you join TEAM360 there is no need for you to renew your pledge because it continues 'until further notice'.
  • Your gift is an investment in the lives of countless others across Wisconsin who are being impacted daily by the music and programming heard on The Family.
  • Your help is changing lives!
Together we are the body of Christ would you consider becoming a vital part of the 24/7 ministry of The Family?
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Hands and feet, muscle and sinew working, moving, building - serving.  "From him, the whole body, joined together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work." - Eph. 4:16 
The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships
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